“Don’t let your avocation become your vocation!” ∴ My first broadcasting supervisor

Well Jon, I did it. I started Broadcast Tool & Die after building Community Radio Station WDRT as a volunteer in 2010, and the online streaming station in 2005. I learned a lot about digital audio systems and brought my 20–plus years of IT work and commercial broadcast experience to the world of volunteer–powered radio. Check out my awesome work, and see more about me.

I turned my avocation into my vocation, and I still love what I do!

Hire Me!

Here’s a short list of some of the things I’ve done for my clients.

Rivendell ∴ Radio Automation and the cost of Free Software

I’ve been working with the Rivendell radio automation software for more than a decade. The simple fact is that although it is free software, the real cost of implementing it is your time. I help stations get from “installation” to “up and running” as quickly as possible: Setting up the library, adding trigger events, clocks and a schedule grid, and explaining it all so you can get down to the business of programming your station quickly!

Kuchota ∴ Swahili for “Fetch”

Some of my clients asked about Rivendell’s ability to download and import audio files from podcast sources. As delivered, Rivendell has no capability to do this, so I wrote Kuchota.

The core of Kuchota is a text-based menu app that leads you through setting up downloading and importing of podcasts. Kuchota uses the standard Linux tool podget to perform the podcast download. It downloads the audio files into directories (aka “folders”) that Kuchota previously set up as Rivendell dropboxes. When the download completes, Rivendell automatically imports the freshly downloaded file into the library. Kuchota also lets you know when it’s having trouble so you can attend to it before it results in dead air.

JACK ∴ Route the Sounds

It’s a common desire for people to use their Rivendell computer as a general–purpose audio workstation. This requires an industrial–grade audio routing tool such as JACK. I’ve spent many hours getting Rivendell, JACK and other audio apps working together.

Icecast ∴ Put Your Station on the Internet!

I’ve been hosting Community Radio audio streams for more than 12 years. It’s easy, uses little bandwidth, and as fun for me as it is for you! I provide statistics for SoundExchange as needed in whatever format you need (including the format required for submission to NPR under the NFCB agreement). I’ll even hook up your Rivendell automation system to the Icecast server so you can get updated stream data!


Get in touch ∴ Feel free to call me at 608–515–8649, or fill in the blanks and I’ll reply as soon as I can.


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